Frequently asked questions

How contribute to PHPWord?

Is this the same with PHPWord that I found in CodePlex?

No. This one is much better with tons of new features that you can’t find in PHPWord 0.6.3. The development in CodePlex is halted and switched to GitHub to allow more participation from the crowd. The more the merrier, right?

I’ve been running PHPWord from CodePlex flawlessly, but I can’t use the latest PHPWord from GitHub. Why?

PHPWord requires PHP 5.3+ since 0.8, while PHPWord 0.6.3 from CodePlex can run with PHP 5.2. There’s a lot of new features that we can get from PHP 5.3 and it’s been around since 2009! You should upgrade your PHP version to use PHPWord 0.8+.