Templates processingΒΆ

You can create an OOXML document template with included search-patterns (macros) which can be replaced by any value you wish. Only single-line values can be replaced.

To deal with a template file, use new TemplateProcessor statement. After TemplateProcessor instance creation the document template is copied into the temporary directory. Then you can use TemplateProcessor::setValue method to change the value of a search pattern. The search-pattern model is: ${search-pattern}.


$templateProcessor = new TemplateProcessor('Template.docx');
$templateProcessor->setValue('Name', 'John Doe');
$templateProcessor->setValue(array('City', 'Street'), array('Detroit', '12th Street'));

It is not possible to directly add new OOXML elements to the template file being processed, but it is possible to transform headers, main document part, and footers of the template using XSLT (see TemplateProcessor::applyXslStyleSheet).

See Sample_07_TemplateCloneRow.php for example on how to create multirow from a single row in a template by using TemplateProcessor::cloneRow.

See Sample_23_TemplateBlock.php for example on how to clone a block of text using TemplateProcessor::cloneBlock and delete a block of text using TemplateProcessor::deleteBlock.